Library day in the life - 5 - Day 5

Here we are at the final day. Friday. Work from home. WIN. VPN, shell, type, type type, forward ports, oh man, email.


Morning soundtrack - Four Tet - Remixes, Plaid - Parts in the Post

Finally finished all of the field merges. Now on to some batch metadata field editing for the World War, 1939-1945, Jewish Underground Resistance Collection. Metadata must be accurate, metadata must be correct! Sorry, no link for this collection for the public yet since it is being populated on the dev version of the site. Hopefully it will be public by some time in the fall. fingers crossed

Batch published another set of about 100 theses and dissertations on Digital Commons. Taught my student workers how to publish the thesis and dissertations themselves since graduate studies will be using the same collection in digital commons to begin publishing new theses and dissertations.

Afternoon - nada. Flex. Holiday weekend in Canada.

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian