Library day in the life - 5 - Day 4

Wow, day 4 already. This week seems to be going by fast. Worked from home for a bit this morning and then took the train in again. Email this week has been miraculously low. Probably from all the moves. The 5th floor eerily empty, absolutely bizarre up there now.


Morning soundtrack: BBC World Service podcast, Aphex Twin - Druqks, Metallica - Master of Puppets. (BTW, did you know Metallica did not produce any records after …And Justice for All. All the other ones are an urban legend.)

More merges. Down to one standard subject field. Nearly down to one relation field, and coverage field. Should be done with that by the end of the day. Thank you again View Bulk Operations!

Finished pulling quotes together for the potential Crombie family grant.

Lunch with a colleague. Finally get to collect on my World Cup bet. ¡¡¡ESPAÑA!!!


Afternoon soundtrack: nothing. absolutely nothing.

Thursday afternoons bring me down to the William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections where I work a reference desk shift once a week. I’m one of the few librarians who still work a help desk shift here. Not saying that it is a bad thing, just still getting used to the idea of librarians not on the help desk.

Same old afternoon brief routine, checked servers for updates, checked drupal module updates, ran updates. New to the routine, committed all the commits from yesterday and updated the MUALA Bargaining Updates blog.

Read the press release put out by Sky River for their antitrust lawsuit again OCLC. This one may be interesting. Meanwhile, merges were constantly running in the background. Almost done.

Found an autographed first edition of Charles Bukowski’s “It catches my heart in its hands : new and selected poems 1955-1963” down in research collections during my shift.

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian


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