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Content Selection and Curation for Web Archiving: The Gatekeepers vs. the Masses

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Desiderata for Exploratory Search Interfaces to Web Archives in Support of Scholarly Activities

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An Open-Source Strategy for Documenting Events: The Case Study of the 42nd Canadian Federal Election on Twitter

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The great WARC adventure: Using SIPS, AIPS, and DIPS to document SLAPPs

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I’ve been collecting tweets to @realDonaldTrump since June 2017. In my most recent time pulling together, and deduping the dataset I asked myself, “I wonder how many occurrences of ‘fuck’ are in the dataset.” Or, how many fucks are there to give? Well… The data is updated by running a query on the Standard Search API every five days. $ twarc search 'to:realdonaldtrump' --log donald_search_$DATE.log > donald_search_$DATE.jsonl Which yields something like this every five days.


One feature of Blacklight that I’ve always wanted to setup in Warclight is displaying thumbnails in the results display. Getting this setup is a bit tricky. But, since Warclight is standardizing metadata on webarchive-discovery’s Solr schema.xml, we avail ourselves to a number of fields available for use for a potential implementation. The url field is the obvious choice, but the problem is that Blacklight out of the box will try and display a thumbnail for every url field value you give to config.


At this past week’s Archives Unleashed dataton, I jokingly created some wordclouds of my Co-PI’s timelines. Finished my most likely bigly winning #hackarchives project: A Word Cloud of @lintool's timeline! — nick ruest (@ruebot) April 27, 2018 Or, @ianmilligan1 #HackArchives — nick ruest (@ruebot) April 27, 2018 Mat Kelly asked about the process this morning, so here is a little how-to of the pipeline: Requirements: twarc jq wordcloud_cli.


This is the text for my presention at the “National Forum on Ethics and Archiving the Web”. I had the honour of being on an Archiving Trauma panel with some great people. Michael Connor, Chido Muchemwa, Coral Salomón, Tonia Sutherland, and Lauren Work, thank you for sharing your stories! The world is a beautiful and terrible place. Twitter can be beautiful. Twitter is fucking awful. So, capturing traumatic events on Twitter.


This past week Compute Canada provided us with resources to setup our Solr Cloud instance for WALK and Archives Unleashed. We were able to get things setup relatively quickly thanks to a bit of preparation and practice on our local machines in the previous weeks. Once everything was setup (5 virtual machines total; 4 Solr Cloud nodes and one indexer – details below), we started benchmarking webarchive-discovery and our Solr Cloud setup with GNU Parallel.



Archives Unleashed Project

Archives Unleashed aims to make petabytes of historical internet content accessible to scholars and others interested in researching the recent past. Supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we will be developing web archive search and data analysis tools to enable scholars and librarians to access, share, and investigate recent history since the early days of the World Wide Web.

Web Archives for Historical Research

Our research focuses on both web histories - writing about the recent past as reflected in web archives - as well as methodological approaches to understanding these repositories.

Islandora CLAW

Islandora CLAW is the next generation of Islandora.

Fedora Repository

Fedora is the flexible, modular, open source repository platform with native linked data support.



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