The ultimate question when working from home - When do I put pants on?

I should just write a script that pulls from all of these librarydayinthelife & #libday4 tags and make it write a post for me.


Email. Surprisingly not that much for the morning. Hopefully the trend stays that way through out the day.

Podcast Monday! TWiT, Spark, Quirks & Quarks. Anybody else find Calacanis really annoying when he is on TWiT?

Fink put me on to a Python course from MIT. I really want to be a better programmer, but there are too many hats that I have to wear at work. :(

No new bugs in redmine for digital collections.

Digital collections had a couple of modules that needed to be update. Updates complete.


Surprisingly very little email. I like this trend for the day.

Back to hacking away at getting Jplayer working on some PW20C Case Studies. Last week I switched the embedded videos on the case studies (1,2,3) from a really crappy unsupported module to just embedding them with the embedded media module and Vimeo. Worked out quite well. Once I get the Jplayer working, I can put PW20C and HPCANPUB out to pasture.

Further work with the Jplayer (still haven’t got it to work on dev-pw20c) on digital collections. Setting the player up to work with HTML5 and ogg-vorbis. Gah, I hate flash!!!

Late afternoon.

Code refuses to work properly. I would like to bash my head on the desk, but that is not a good idea. Maybe I should just make a rage comic out of this.

Code not doing as it is told or I am an idiot!

Well, I guess Matt has to stare at the code like this o_0 and it magically works now. Chalk it up to another drupalnomoly.

Pants go on as soon as you have your first smoke of the day.

Karate Chop of Love

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian