Library day in the life - 5 - Day 2

Here goes day 2! Tuesday is generally my first day of the week physically at work, which generally means that I have lots of meetings. Thankfully i did not have an immediate morning meeting. Morning: Morning soundtrack: Software Freedom Law Center - Episode 0x2C: Eben on Software Liability, Adult. - Resuscitation Spent the entire morning working on more merges and trying to hunt down some expected deliverable item from a vendor.


Meetings all day. Will everything go better than expected, or will I rage? Morning: email - nope, I’m in meetings all day. Got into work and discovered the contract worker for the giant 25,000 object digitization project started yesterday and nobody told me. LOOK OF DISAPPROVAL Checked in the worker and made sure that she was provided with proper documentation regarding file-naming convention, scanning requirements, and storage. Liaison meeting - teaching with iClickers.

Totally Bombastic Thursday Madness!

I have been trying to been a wee bit more bombastic in each post this week. However, today will be very difficult. A normal two hour commute to work today, took an amazing three hours! Other than that, I spent the ENTIRE day in meetings. The meeting were actually really good. And, no that is not sarcasm. You better be incredibly happy you read this post now, and pleased by the included LOLcat.