Memes, Smemes, Email, SQL, and Galleries

Library Day in the Life - meme validation below

Theme of the day was SQL queries.


Email, email, email, email.

Cleaned up some more raunchy code in a effort to make the theme migration to Drupal 6 less hectic. Lots of SQL queries to un-hack code, and write said code in a standardized fashion. Note to self, do not ever hire immature developers.

Continued to work with Bepress on setting up a couple new journals. Hopefully by the fall we should launch three or four journals; Text Technology, Early Theatre, Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics, and a Northrop Frye journal.


Email, email, email, email.

Investigated more code. Finished cleaning up all the bugs with the test Drupal 6 migration. All that is left is migrating the themes, and cleaning out the hacks. Cool new stuff on the way, Media RSS!

Genius me realized I had ZERO image galleries in the Digital Collections site. So, SQL queries being the theme, I setup galleries for a PW20C general gallery, a PW20C posters, a World War, 1939-1945, German Concentration Camps and Prisons Collection general gallery, and finally a Russel Library general gallery.

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian


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