Institutional Repository

Library day in the life - 5 - Day 3

Day three started off with a Go Train that decided to arrive 20 minutes late. Three cheers for mass transit. The delay was a good thing, it gave me 20 extra minutes and I was able to finish Calvino’s, "Six Memos for the Next Millennium." Morning Morning soundtrack: BBC World Service podcast, Search Engine - Trolling 101, Funkstörung - Appendix In the trenches of morning emails. ILL requests for theses to be made open access, therefore said theses are made open access.


Meetings all day. Will everything go better than expected, or will I rage? Morning: email - nope, I’m in meetings all day. Got into work and discovered the contract worker for the giant 25,000 object digitization project started yesterday and nobody told me. LOOK OF DISAPPROVAL Checked in the worker and made sure that she was provided with proper documentation regarding file-naming convention, scanning requirements, and storage. Liaison meeting - teaching with iClickers.

Institutional Repository Update

ummmmm, I don’t know how to make a post about the Institutional Repository funny or witty, so I’ll go a little corporate sounding. bleh. I have been updating the repository quite a bit since the beginning of this year. We were apart of the first batch of upgrades from Bepress last month. We added categories and series, for most of the departments on campus so faculty can begin submitting scholarly output.