Fail, Fail, Fail, Success?

This past week I had the privilege of speaking on a panel at Access 2011 about failing entitled, "If you ain't failin', you ain't tryin'!" Amy Buckland moderated the panel where we each took five minutes to tell a library tech fail story to encourage the audience to share their failure stories. I think it went over great, and was cathartic to say the least.   I shared my story, and afterword I had that familiar feeling of "but, wait!

Proper documentation... elseif statements

Day Two: Morning: Email, email, email, email. Taught dad how to use Google Docs, and Google Groups. Spent the rest of the morning reading through the handbooks of the MUFA Librarians, MUFA, and University of Ottawa regarding the policies on Academic Freedom and Grievances so that maybe one day we can have sane policies. Afternoon: Email, email, email, email. More consulting on journals in our IR. Working with Text Technology to get all of their back issues digitized.