McMaster University = Job

So, I guess I’ll finally write about it…

Early this month I accepted a position at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON as the Digital Strategies Librarian. Basically my job will be to manage the libraries digital initiatives, and utilize all the skills that I have enhanced creating and working with digital collections at Wayne State University. It is going to be a great opportunity - McMaster University is the leading research institution in Canada, and has a rich collection of materials to work with, and are waiting to be digitized. The library is headed by a cutting edge director, Jeff Trzeciak, who has surrounded himself with an excellent staff that should be very exciting to work with.

Here is the link to my announcement on the McMaster Library Blog —>

Additionally, here is a link to the McMaster University Blog —>

Another link, InsideOCULA - Ontario College and University Library Association

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian