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IIPC Curator Tools Fair: Islandora Web ARChive solution pack

The following is the text for a video that I was asked to record for the 2014 International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly Curator Tools Fair, on the Islandora Web ARChive solution pack. My name is Nick Ruest. I am a librarian at York University, in Toronto, Ontario. I’m going to give a quick presentation on the Islandora Web ARChive solution pack. I only have a few minutes, so I’ll quickly cover what the module does, what areas of the web archiving life cycle it covers, and a provide a quick demonstration.

Podcasts for the nerd librarian

Every so often people ask me about what podcasts I listen to, and every so often I start listening to something new and get terribly excited about it and have to tell my colleagues all about it. Also, this past semester I taught my first course. It was an LIS course entitled, "Introduction to Technology." Instead of the normal plethora of weekly readings, I toned the readings down a little bit, and added a few podcasts as "suggested listening" for learning experiment.

library clouds in the sky with [diamonds]?

Bacon… Sorry, had to get that of the way. Those who know, know. Those who do not, oh well. I will address it later… subtly??? Awhile back we got hit with the perfect-downtime-storm. A RAID controller battery randomly failed, and I was down for quite a few hours. Then a day or two later … a brown-out occurred. Somehow, some way, this killed the brand new RAID controller on the DB server, and disemboweled the RAID controller on the web server.