Calling out nonsense - John Degen

This postby John Degen looks like F.U.D., Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. If it doesn’t, please tell me why. The thing with F.U.D. is that there are generally misconceptions that lead to false conclusions, and that is what I am seeing in the post by Mr. Degen. Mr. Degen, I respect the position you are in. Like me, you are standing up for a set of values, ethics, and rights for your profession.

Calling out nonsense - Access Copyright

Inspired by some fearless leaders in our community, this is my Access Copyright story. This past week, a very interesting series of events unfolded with Access Copyright, or maybe better said, what unfolded was a lesson in how not to engage in open dialogue. I will not be speaking to the text of the the resolutions mentioned below, just the events surrounding them. Last week was the annual Ontario Library Association Super Conference.

Why you should attend Digital Odyssey 2012!

 I am really excited about this year's Digital Odyssey, and I want you to be too. Our theme this year is Liberation Technology. I know it might not be quite obvious why we picked this theme, but hopefully it will make some sense in a  few sentences.   Why Liberation Technology? I along with the OLITA Council are passionate about social justice issues, and find the intersection of technology and social justice intriguing - even more so when throw library land into that intersection.

OMG! You Don't Need CONTENTdm!!!

So, I bet a lot of you are wondering what is up with my with my title? Well, I don’t plan on standing up here taking potshots at OCLC for 15 minutes, but I am sure some people in the crowd wouldn’t mind. Basically, the title should have had a very long sub-title along the lines of, like Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Open Source Software.