Drupal & Digital Collection Sites - 2

Ok, more Drupal stuff for Digital Collections site. I’ll yammer on about “must have” modules in this one. Hit the snooze button if you’d like. Oh, and this is in addition to the ones I mentioned in the previous post… Community Tags, Tagadelic, Service Links, Faceted Search, Views, Zen Theme, Quicktabs, and of course CCK. First thing first, CCK add-ons: Audio Field - Defines audio field type for CCK content.

Drupal & Digital Collection Sites - 1

I have written about Drupal & the Digital Collections site (http://digitalcollections.mcmaster.ca) a few times now, but haven’t really explained how to make a digital collections site out of Drupal. So, without further ado… What are the necessities of a digital collections site? Dublin Core standard metadata OAI-PMH Version 2 Searching Browsable Collection Sets Image display - ideally JPEG2000 What are some additional features that have become necessary? Tagging Social Bookmarking Faceted Searching Visually rich environment Profiles, internal site bookmarking Contact forms, Image requests, Questions Commenting Content Recommendation