Unfavourable Offerings

Sloppy A-Sides, Last of The Worst

Strange Delights

The HUMANS SoundtrackPro Unlimited


The Potions - Regular Release EP

Sloppy B-Sides, First of The Worst

Surnom de Gorille

The Potions @ The Lifton

Matterwave Redesign, Update, and RELEASE!!!!

Matterwave Relaunched, Foci 1.0 Released! Matterwave has miraculously re-birthed itself! After much work we’ve emerged with a sleek disciplined hub designed to bring together our showcased artists and provide greater visibility, outlets, and feedback mechanisms for their talent. Though the work and exhibits here are commissioned by invite only, the products and pages on the hub are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. To start this tradition, we’re announcing the release of our first collaborative work Foci 1.