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twut. Wait, wut? twut?

Originally posted here. Introduction A few of the Archives Unleashed team members have a pretty in-depth background of working with Twitter data. Jimmy Lin spent some time at Twitter during an extended-sabbatical, Sam Fritz spent some time working with members of the Social Media Lab team previous to joining the Archives Unleashed Project, and Ian Milligan and I have done a fair bit of analysis and writing on our process of collecting and analyzing Canadian Federal Election tweets.

DPLA Appfest Drupal integration

Below is the output of the little project I worked on today at the DPLA Appfest. It definitely isn’t a perfect solution to the problem. It is not a drop-in module to just grab a collection from the DPLA API and "curate" it in your library’s Drupal site. I hate reinventing the wheel especially if there are existing modules that can solve the problem for you. Moreover, as one of the few people that still respects what OAI-PMH does, it would be worth considering using DPLA as and OAI-PMH provider.

IA Torrent

Yesterday in a meeting for our Digital Initiatives Advisory Group we were discussing what collections we should consider sending over to the UofT Internet Archive shop, and I asked an innocent newbie question - So, do we have copies of everything we have had the Internet Archive digitize? NOPE. No big deal. We’re in the infant stages of creating a digital preservation program here, and everything that comes with it. INFRASTRUCTURE!