Tweets to @realdonaldtrump; How many fucks are there to give?

I’ve been collecting tweets to @realDonaldTrump since June 2017. In my most recent time pulling together, and deduping the dataset I asked myself, “I wonder how many occurrences of ‘fuck’ are in the dataset.” Or, how many fucks are there to give? Well… The data is updated by running a query on the Standard Search API every five days. $ twarc search ‘to:realdonaldtrump’ –log donaldsearch$DATE.log > donaldsearch$DATE.jsonl Which yields something like this every five days.

Matterwave Redesign, Update, and RELEASE!!!!

Matterwave Relaunched, Foci 1.0 Released! Matterwave has miraculously re-birthed itself! After much work we’ve emerged with a sleek disciplined hub designed to bring together our showcased artists and provide greater visibility, outlets, and feedback mechanisms for their talent. Though the work and exhibits here are commissioned by invite only, the products and pages on the hub are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. To start this tradition, we’re announcing the release of our first collaborative work Foci 1.

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