This profession is worth fighting for

I may work at an institution with arguably the worst morale among librarians in Canada, but I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love my profession. 


There are people *looks left, looks right* actively attempting to de-professionalize librarianship. Yes, the times are a changing, but that does not mean we are not effective anymore and are useless. Technology has radically changed medicine - there are still doctors right? Unless I am missing anything. If anything, we have illustrated an amazing ability to adapt to technical change and remain relevant. This isn't a time when we should be losing librarians, and divving up work among the scattered remains. It is a time when we should retooling and reinforcing our ranks. To quote Karen Schneider: "In the end, what matters, and what we are about, are the ancient truths of librarianship: organizing, managing, making available, preserving, and celebrating the word in all of its manifestations; helping our users build skill sets the fundamentals of which (if not the ephemeral details) will last a lifetime; and celebrating and defending the right to read, however that word is interpreted. This is what we do. This is who we are. This makes us librarians."

 I dedicate each day to the profession. Will you?

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian