An exploratory look at 257,093 JeSuisAhmed tweets


Had some time last night to do some exploratory analysis on some of the #JeSuisAhmed collection. This analysis is from the first tweet I was able to harvest #JeSuisAhmed to some time on January 14, 2015 when I copied over the json to experiment with a few of the twarc utilities.

First tweet in data set:

Last tweet in data set:


If you want to experiment/follow along with what I’ve done here, you can “rehydrate” the data set with twarc. You can grab the Tweet ids for #JeSuisAhmed from here (Data & Analysis tab).

% --hydrate JeSuisAhmed-ids-20150113.txt > JeSuisAhmed-tweets-20150113.json

The hydration process will take some time. I’d highly suggest using GNU Screen or tmux, and grabbing a cup of coffee.


#JeSuisAhmed tweets with geo coordinates.

In this data set, we have 2,329 tweets with geo coordinates availble. This represents about 0.91% of the entire data set (257,093 tweets).

How do you make this?

  • Create the geojson ~/git/twarc/utils/ JeSuisAhmed-tweets-dedupe-20150112.json > JeSuisAhmed-tweets-dedupe-20150112.geojson

  • Give the geojson a variable name.

  • Use Leaflet.js to put all the tweets with geo coordinates on a map like this.


These are the image urls that have more than 1000 occurrences in the data set.

13703 Occurrences


10396 Occurrences


6088 Occurrences


4354 Occurrences


3229 Occurrences


3124 Occurrences


2307 Occurrences


2034 Occurrences


1949 Occurrences


1296 Occurrences


1182 Occurrences


1100 Occurrences


How do you get the image list (requires unshrtn)?

% ~/git/twarc/utils/ JeSuisAhmed-tweets-unshortened-20150112.json > JeSuisAhmed-images-20150112.txt
% cat JeSuisAhmed-images-20150112.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn > JeSuisAhmed-images-ranked-20150112.txt

The ranked url data set can be found here.


What are the three most retweeted tweets in the hashtag?

How do you find out the most retweets tweets in the dataset? This will give you the top 10.

~/git/twarc/utils/ JeSuisAhmed-tweets-dedupe-20150112.json > JeSuisAhmed-retweets-20150112.json

Top URLs

Top 10 URLs tweeted from #JeSuisAhmed.

  1. (2895)
  2. (1613)
  3. (1318)
  4. (919)
  5. (632)
  6. (592)
  7. (571)
  8. (555)
  9. (471)
  10. (436)

Full list of urls can be found here.

How do you get the list (requires unshrtn)?

% cat JeSuisAhmed-tweets-20150112.json | ~/git/twarc/utils/ > JeSuisAhmed-tweets-unshortened-20150112.json
% cat JeSuisAhmed-tweets-unshortened-20150112.json | ~/git/twarc/utils/| sort | uniq -c | sort -rn > JeSuisAhmed-urls.txt

Twitter Clients

Top 10 Twitter clients used from #JeSuisAhmed.

  1. Twitter for iPhone (85116)
  2. Twitter for Android (58819)
  3. Twitter Web Client (58166)
  4. Twitter for iPad (15304)
  5. Twitter for Websites (6877)
  6. Twitter for Windows Phone (5237)
  7. Twitter for Android Tablets (4420)
  8. TweetDeck (3790)
  9. Mobile Web (M5) (1708)
  10. Tweetbot for iΟS (1691)

Full list of clients can be found here.

How do you get the list of Twitter client sources?

% ~/git/twarc/utils/ JeSuisAhmed-tweets-20150112.json > JeSuisAhmed-sources-20150112.html

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian


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