Got another grant!!! History of Canadian Publishing

Just we put the finishing touches on the Library and Archives Canada funded Peace & War in the 20th Century project, we received word from the granting agency that our newest grant application has been accepted. We have been awarded almost $100,000 to develop a state-of-the-art, interactive website on the history of Canadian publishing. The project will last for a year (same amount of time for the PW20C project), and will focus on the history of Canadian publishing houses, people in publishing, authorship, and aspects of unique to Canadian culture.

The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections houses one of the most prestigious collections of the subject of Canadian publishing. We will also be collaborating with the Thomas Fisher Rare Library at the University of Toronto and Queen’s University, who both also hold extensive archives on the subject.


Here is the link to the McMaster Daily News story:

Judy Donnelly, project specialist, Rick Stapleton, archivist librarian, Nick Ruest, digital strategies librarian, and Carl Spadoni, research collections librarian, pose with some of the artifacts that will be available on a website about the history of Canadian publishing. Photo by Susan Bubak.
Photo by Susan Bubak.

Nick Ruest
Associate Librarian


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