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email - lots of email. oh joy!

General project maintenance/managerial stuff. Investigate/fix workflow issues with the Mass Digitization project (the robotic book scanner). Hunt for a workstation for the contract worker that is working on the WWI digitization project. Do my due diligence on that massive black cloud looming.

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is my weekly research help desk shift. Each week I have mixed feelings about my time on the desk. I am only on the desk two hours each week, and never really experienced that whole "being a real librarian" thing. Generally my time is spent directing students to the IT helpdesk, bathrooms, or a floor a particular call number is located. On the rare occasion, I get an actual research help question. They are fun, but too far and few in-between. In the next year or so I will probably not have a research help desk shift anymore since we are moving to a blended service model. I'm still not sure how I really feel about it.


Investigation into questions raised in IR Working Group meeting from yesterday.

Begin preliminary planning of a questions pertaining to providing retrospective open access to previously published works by faculty members. Commence opening a giant can of worms. I also had the backend structure setup for the research centre/institute mentioned yesterday in our IR. This is our first major collaboration with a large section of the faculty. Needless to say I am pumped!!!

Run around frantically trying to find people to finish a couple last minute things. In the process, the fire alarm in the library goes off as I am walking out of the book store to the library. I have no coat on. I am cold.

The rest of the afternoon was spent battling the atemporal destruction of my inner-being by the just right hand of the flying spaghetti monster, holy bacon. Otherwise know as fighting the good fight. Hopefully Slartibartfast will be there to help along the way.

Ponder, Parse, Ponder, Parse...

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Research Help Desk...

Day three...


Yes, email.

Got into work early to cover on Research Help Desk for a colleague. I always find my shift on the help desk quite comical. I get the feeling that students and faculty don't know how the approach the guy covered in tattoos sitting at the help desk with a laptop. Once they find out that I am actually a librarian, and not a student, or some weirdo sitting there, they seem quite surprised. Anyhoo, helped some people out during my desk shift, and amazing event took place. Somebody wanted to know the LC call numbers for a specific area so they could BROWSE BOOKS! To quote myself, "I feel like a real librarian when I work the reference desk!"

Did some trouble shooting from the code I pasted yesterday. The code runs fine on the test server, but doesn't play nice on the production server. Grr!

Decided to wholly abandon Tweetdeck, and move back to Twitterfox. Tweetdeck has been buggy lately, and every time I fire it up and let it run for awhile, my laptop almost melts a hole through the desk.

Thought about bacon.


Surprise, Surprise, EMAIL!

Listened to the new Search Engine podcast, File Sharing IS Fair Use and listened to a few JISC podcasts while working on the new digital collections server. Updated a couple bash scripts - RSYNC and mysqldump backups on a cron. Let's see if UTS shuts me down again!?

Spent some time consulting on another digital project. In the future we may have the handwritten manuscripts of somebody that I will not name yet. Working on getting the documents OCR'd, and output as txt files, and METS/ALTO.

Are you thinking about bacon? You should be!

Decided to listen to a bunch of Dead Kennedy's in order to make it through the afternoon. Did some more consulting with the Northrop Frye journal.

Spent the rest of the day reading faculty handbooks, and prepping for a meeting tomorrow. Oh yeah, entered in the phase 3 of operation: TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT VIKINGKITTENS.COM!

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