Library day in the life - 5 - Day 2

Here goes day 2! Tuesday is generally my first day of the week physically at work, which generally means that I have lots of meetings. Thankfully i did not have an immediate morning meeting.


Morning soundtrack: Software Freedom Law Center - Episode 0x2C: Eben on Software Liability, Adult. - Resuscitation

Spent the entire morning working on more merges and trying to hunt down some expected deliverable item from a vendor. Getting close to being complete with all of the merges. Once it is complete, Apache SOLR will be all the more happy, as will I. We'll have some very nice facets setup for our new SOLR powered search on digital collections.

Our dynamic duo of programmers both came through on interesting developments this morning as well. Debbie finished our retroactive date conversions. Lots of regular expressions!!! We were able to convert 10600 records to machine readable date ranges. Absolutely fantastic for SOLR faceting, sorting, and all the other fun stuff you can do with actual machine readable date data!!! Matt continued hacking away at the Dublin Core XML module. He even managed to create a singularity this morning; something that not even user 1 can access. ACCESS DENIED!

Lunch time brought about a union meeting. Hooray for MUALA!!!


Afternoon soundtrack: Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett, GZA/Genius - Liquid Swords

ARL-ACRL webinar entitled, "Transitioning from Subscriptions to Open Access: Article Processing Fees and Combined Licensing/Author’s Rights Approaches." Pretty good, but at the same time preaching to the choir.

Pulled some quotes together for equipment for a potential grant. Fingers crossed!!!

Published another 100 or so open access theses and dissertations, and ran some batch conversions on some images. I <3 mogrify.

mogrify -format jpg *.tif

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to some wretched coding and finish up a couple of outstanding items. Aphoristical.


Meetings all day. Will everything go better than expected, or will I rage?


email - nope, I'm in meetings all day.

Got into work and discovered the contract worker for the giant 25,000 object digitization project started yesterday and nobody told me.


Checked in the worker and made sure that she was provided with proper documentation regarding file-naming convention, scanning requirements, and storage.

Liaison meeting - teaching with iClickers.

Preliminary meeting with the Science and Technology Center for Archaeological Research project to plan out their research centre in the Institutional Repository. Lots of exciting things were discussed. They are very interested in Open Access, so I gave them some SPARC brochures, and made sure they were aware of the Open Access Addendum for submitting articles to journals. Should see some progress with this project very soon!

Digital Collections - Functional Requirements Meeting (site redesign). Finally! Remember all those posts from the last library day in life were I was talking about moving to Drupal 6 and instituting a bunch of new features??? Well, some things have changed, but we are going to do all of them and more, including a complete site redesign from the ground up.

IR Steering Committee - Iteration 2 here to referred to as IR Working Group. That my friends, is a mouth full. Communication, workflow, advocacy, education. I'm the chair of this committee and gathered a new group of people together to move forward with the institutional repository. The meeting went very well, we have a good game plan for moving forward, and a lot of positive plans of action that should be taking place shortly. PRO-GRESS!

Rocked out to Bad Brains for the commute home.

Everything went better than expected.

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Totally Bombastic Thursday Madness!

I have been trying to been a wee bit more bombastic in each post this week. However, today will be very difficult. A normal two hour commute to work today, took an amazing three hours! Other than that, I spent the ENTIRE day in meetings. The meeting were actually *really* good. And, no that is not sarcasm. You better be incredibly happy you read this post now, and pleased by the included LOLcat. kthxbai.