Walter P. Reuther Library Awarded The 2008 John Sessions Memorial Award

According to a listserv message I received today, "Wayne State's Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs has been awarded the 2008 John Sessions Memorial Award for its online resource: 'No Greater Calling: The Life of Walter P. Reuther, 1907-1970.'" This website was one of the projects I was a part of for the Recruiting and Educating Librarians for the 21st Century, while at Wayne State University. I want to take the time to say thank you for all the hard work by my fellow grant recipients on this project and congratulate them, too: Mignon Camara, Iman Dagher, Anna Fast, Megan Garza, Somaly Kim, Sharon Williams, and Akilah Wood.

Reuther 100

John Sessions Memorial Award
A plaque given to a library or library system to honor significant work with the labor community and to recognize the history and contributions of the labor movement toward the development of this country. (Established 1980)

The jury is a committee comprised of three to five RUSA members who have demonstrated interest in or experience with library service to labor groups. Members serve two-year terms. Consecutive terms are not permitted. Nominees will be reviewed in a closed meeting of the committee during Midwinter.


Cogeco's throttling , and traffic shaping techniqes - circumvented. What happens next? Cogeco introduces fantastic monthly bandwidth caps. With "Pro" plan you get great downstream and upstream speeds, and an awesome 100GB Cap! On top of that, if you approach your bandwidth limit, they will inject some javascript into you browser just to give you a head up! Thanks, Cogeco! Even better, if you go over it, Cogeco magically turns every single page on the internet into a detailed warning page. Here's my very own warning page:

Cogeco Warning


Macports 1.5

Heads up to anybody using Macports 1.5 with Leopard. If you are getting this error:

*** Error: Unable to execute port: invalid command name "destroot.violate_mtree" ***

or an error like this:

*** Error: Target org.macports.configure returned: configure failure: shell command " cd "/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_ports_graphics_jpeg/work/jpeg-6b" && ./configure --prefix=/opt/local --enable-shared --enable-static " returned error 1 ***

Make sure you have the XCode Tools package installed. Found on the Leopard DVD or can be downloaded from Apple at:


Tews Falls

No way to get the the bottom yet. Saw some people rappelling down near the top of the falls. Logan's Creek can probably be followed to get the base of the waterfall.

Waterfall information ->

Alternative Names: Hopkin's Falls & Tunis Falls

Creek: Logie's Creek

Classification: Ribbon/Plunge

Height: 41 metres/125 feet

Width: 9 metres/27.4 feet

Access Information from Tew's Falls parking lot:
(i) Time - Five minutes
(ii) Distance - 100 metres
(iii) Accessibility - Top = Easy. Base = Difficult

Ownership: Hamilton Conservation Authority

Property: Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls Conservation Area

Flow of Water: Year round

Facilities: Onsite - 20 parking spaces, park, picnic area, washrooms, trails, ice-climbing with permission. Nearby - Convenience stores.

Felkner's Falls

Strangely enough this waterfall is located in the middle of a subdivision in Hamilton (Stoney Creek), Ontario.

Felkner's Falls

Some climbing required to get to the bottom - and rock face climbing to get back up near falls.

Image Gallery of Felkner's Falls,Tiffany Falls, Tiffany Falls & Webster Falls, Webster Falls

Waterfall Info

From -

Creek: Felker's Creek

Classification: Ribbon

Height: 22 metres/72 feet

Width: 6 metres/20 feet

Access Information: From the Felker's Falls Conservation Area parking lot
(i) Time - Five minutes
(ii) Distance - 30 metres
(iii) Accessibility - Moderate

Ownership: Hamilton Conservation Authority

Property: Felker's Falls Conservation Area

Flow of Water: Year round

Matterwave Redesign, Update, and RELEASE!!!!

Matterwave Relaunched, Foci 1.0 Released!
Matterwave has miraculously re-birthed itself! After much work we've emerged with a sleek disciplined hub designed to bring together our showcased artists and provide greater visibility, outlets, and feedback mechanisms for their talent.

Though the work and exhibits here are commissioned by invite only, the products and pages on the hub are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. To start this tradition, we're announcing the release of our first collaborative work Foci 1.0.

Foci 1.0 is an International showcase of new art from artists of many mediums and perspectives. Everyone involved has been asked to give their work with few directives or other limitations. What we received we're proud to share with you. The entire exhibit can be viewed online. If you enjoy the work, it is available as a complete archive to download and display digitally wherever, forever.


Reuther 100

The Reuther 100th Birthday Celebration website, entitled, "No Greater Calling" is complete and live. You can visit it at

The launch was featured at a ceremony celebrating the life of Walter P. Reuther on August 27th at the Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University. Notable guest speakers included, Mike Smith (Director of Walter P. Reuther Library), Irvin D. Reid (President of Wayne State University), and former U.A.W President and college of Reuther, Douglas Fraser.

Debian Etch - 64bit Flash install

Rework of the Unofficial nspluginwrapper & ia32-libs-gtk packages for Etch from from the guys at

sudo or as root...

1. Add deb etch main to /etc/apt/sources.list
2. apt-get update
3. Install keyring: apt-get install markybob-keyring
4. apt-get update again
5. apt-get install ia32-libs-gtk nspluginwrapper
6. Get Adobe flash player: wget
7. tar -zxf install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz
8. cp install_flash_player_9_linux/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
9. nspluginwrapper -i /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
10. Open Iceweasel, enjoy!